is an ambitious project to grant access to the best services, for free, no hooks attached.

We welcome tor and vpn users and never track anything

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  • No logs policy

    No logs saved, no log files at all, is it unsafe in security and law terms? Probably. Do we care? Nope.

  • Fastest hardware on the market

    Only the fastest hardware is good enough for us, enjoy insane site build ups. i9-12900K.

  • Peace of mind

    We have a long history of privacy. We are part of WirSpeichernNicht and entered as q23p.de, shown in this list

h2o webserver

h2o is the fastest webserver, it includes technologies like quicly, neverbleed, casper and memcached powered ssl-tickets.

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Crowdsec security

As an ambassador and an sysadmin I live and love CrowdSec. It secures the access to the server against malicious attempts.

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Path.net filter

A state of the art ddos filter is necessary in todays world. It also provides stellar network connectivity.

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We run a lot of services

so you don't have to deal with pesky trackers.


Alexander Stiehl
Petersfeldstr. 54
46395 Bocholt