/dev/null/v services for the public

/dev/null/v services for the public imprint

Core Values
- Welcoming anonymous users of all kind, including tor. No pesky captchas to solve or autobans!
- No tracking or ads at all, never.
- High data security standards, mandated by german law and strict no log policy.
- Complete financial independence.
- All services offered are free of charge.

Location: Germany, Frankfurt

CPU: 24 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10920X CPU @ 4GHz
RAM: 256GB DDR4-2666
DISK: 4x2TB SSD(SanDisk SDSSDH3 2T0) HWRAID 10(adaptec 6805)
NET: 10GBps with 250GBps DDoS Protection
IPs: /26 IPv4 range and /48 IPv6 range

If you enjoy the services, please donate via bunq to support with the server costs

Services ran by /dev/null/v
  • mastodon instance ieji.de
  • scuttlebutt pub scuttlebutt.de
  • almalinux.li mirror since 8.3-rc1
  • doedns.de authorative dns service
  • yugudorashiru.de public yggdrasil peer
  • manjaro.re public manjaro mirror updated in 7 min interval
  • kirillpokrovsky.de mirror of Kirill Pokrovskys website
  • librespeed.de speedtest
  • libretranslate.de googlefree translation for common languages
  • halcyon.pro halcyon interface for mastodon
  • radiorivendell.de relay
  • retro.re retro radio
  • private music cd player navidrome.de
  • owne.de gameserver network
  • tsdns.cc tsdns service
  • ferdi.li public ferdi account server
  • 230.li recursive private dns (public function ceased since provider forbade it)
  • framadate instances frama.date (working on it, bugged since last move)
  • mumble server mumble.be (in the making)
  • DeutschPatch.de a collection of german patches for games
  • Aliencrossfire.de a mirror of a fanpage that previously ran on this domain
  • jirafeau.de filehoster 1 day + 256MB limit
  • gesun.de YAGP Discord bot with premium mode activated
  • ssb.pub hosting sponsored
  • Palemoon asian mirror hosting sponsored (digitalocean japan)
  • global /dev/null/v traffic

    Domains currently unused, aka waiting to be relevant
  • splitgate.de
  • bannerlord.de
  • calradia.de
  • spellbreak.de
  • mythofempires.de