/dev/null/v services for the public

/dev/null/v services for the public imprint

nul.lv is an endeavour where number one priority is ease of mind!
You will never have to accept tracking cookies, worry that data is being sold
or that the sites will be ad plastered to cover costs.

Location: Germany, Frankfurt
Therefore german law, but also a heavy german data security applies.

CPU: 24 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10920X CPU @ 4GHz
RAM: 128GB DDR4-2666
NET: 10GBps with 250GBps DDoS Protection
IPs: /26 IPv4 range and /48 IPv6 range

Services ran by nul.lv
  • mastodon instance ieji.de
  • scuttlebutt pub scuttlebutt.de
  • doedns.de authorative dns service
  • manjaro.re public manjaro mirror updated in 7 min interval
  • kirillpokrovsky.de mirror of Kirill Pokrovskys website
  • halcyon.pro halcyon interface for mastodon
  • radiorivendell.de relay (fixing)
  • retro.re retro radio
  • private music cd player navidrome.de
  • owne.de gameserver network
  • tsdns.cc tsdns service
  • n2n.su public n2n supernode
  • ferdi.li public ferdi account server
  • 230.li recursive private dns (public function ceased since provider forbade it)
  • framadate instances frama.date (working on it, bugged since last move)
  • mumble server mumble.be (in the making)
  • DeutschPatch.de a collection of german patches for games
  • Aliencrossfire.de a mirror of a fanpage that previously ran on this domain
  • librespeed.de speedtest
  • jirafeau.de filehoster 1 day + 256MB limit
  • libretranslate.de googlefree translation for common languages

  • Domains I have found no real use for yet
  • gesun.de

  • Abandoned projects:
  • bitwarden.de pw manager

  • there was a bitwarden instance running there until someone almost sued me for phishing attempts
    because I ran a pw manager there and someone tried logging in with their VAULT.BITWARDEN.COM credentials. Dev kindly asked me to remove it,
    and was given the auth code lately so he now owns the domain. Thanks for the generous gift Kyle!

  • spellbreak.de community

  • considering setting up a fanpage or something at some point

    If you want to support with the high server costs, you can donate money via bunq